Being interviewed and photographed was an empowering experience for me as it gave me a platform to share internal feelings that I previously felt were unimportant. It began a process of self-analysis within me that continues to this day.
— Camila
 ‘President Santos State visit, London Nov 2016:“It was the first time we welcomed a Colombian President without protesting because he represents a chance for peace in Colombia’.
The experience of being part of a photo shoot and interviewed has been novel and has shown me an unseen part of me. In other words, it has contributed to my self-confidence building and my own empowering process.
— Sofia
‘My experience in being photographed and interviewed has been for me the opportunity to escape from invisibility, after so many years of frustration as victims of the Colombian conflict, it has been like to denounce, to tell our truth and to demand justice, it has been a way of living, and of keeping alive those who are no longer with us. I now feel important and protagonist of this process of postconflict that our country is living.
— Elisabeth

The truth, memory and reconciliation commission of Colombian women in the diaspora is an initiative to empower women in the diaspora to become agents of change in the Colombian peace process and in their host countries, hosted by Conciliation Resources in London.

During more than 50 years of war, hundreds of thousands of Colombians left their homeland. The journey of migration has been long, and often painful.  Conciliation Resources works to support women of the Colombian diaspora to share their stories, memories and hopes and to claim a place and a voice in the county's peace process.

The recent referendum on the peace deal in Colombia has polarised Colombian society, demonstrating more than ever the need for national dialogue and reconciliation among the Colombian people.