Steve McCurry: Ingrid Guyon, Photographer on location at Silverprint, 2013 Commissioned by South Bank Tower, curated by Futurecity - Photo credit: Thierry Bal

Steve McCurry: Ingrid Guyon, Photographer on location at Silverprint, 2013 Commissioned by South Bank Tower, curated by Futurecity - Photo credit: Thierry Bal

Ingrid Guyon is a photographer, filmmaker and participatory visual media practitioner passionate advocate of a better world through community engagement and self-representation. In 2009, she established Fotosynthesis, a social enterprise that specialises in participatory photography, with the aim to encourage social inclusion, empathy, self-development and participation through photography and to keep traditional and experimental photography processes alive.

As the founding and Executive Director, she has 10 years experience in implementing participatory media projects in London and internationally within the education, museums and development sectors. She is also commissioned by international NGOs, cultural institutions and companies as a photographer and film-maker specialising in ethical photography, communications, portraiture, events and reportage. She is also an associate of Insightshare, a leading company in participatory video.

Recently, she has been using photography and filmmaking as tools for peacebuilding and reconciliation and make visible the untold stories of the Colombian conflict but also of the resilience of the Colombians women in Colombia and in the diaspora.

Clients include:

LIFT Festival, Museum of London, United States Institute of Peace, Conciliation Resource, International Catalan Institute of Peace, Unicef Spain, Jesuit Refugee Services UK, Latin Elephant, Latin American Women's Rights Services, Southbank Centre, The Children's Society, various London Borough Councils, Refugee Youth



I was born in Chalon sur Saone where Nicephore Niepce took his first picture and was raised in Arles, South of France so I guess I was meant to be a photographer! My dad would always sit down with me and my sister to look at the 1935's priceless photo album of the travels that my grand father did while working in the submarines in Asia.  

I have lived and worked as a photographer, community worker and photography facilitator in London since 2001 and developed interest in photography while traveling and living in the small village of Uvero Alto, Dominican Republic in 2002-2003. I have never stopped taking pictures since then and graduated at the London College of Communication and Social Anthropology in 2006.

Trained by Photovoice, InsighshareCentre for Documentary Studies, New Generation and RefugeeYouth in participatory methods, I have delivered more than 30 participatory photography and video projects with diverse groups in Europe, Africa and Latin America showcasing the resulting work in venues such as the Alliance Francaise, BFI, London City Hall, Menier Gallery, Belfast Exposed, Rich Mix and Rivington Place, Museum of Modern Art Santo Domingo.

In London, I found a home within New Generation, a collective of Latin American artists from refugee background who gave me the trust, space and inspiration that makes me who I am now. I also worked as an immigration adviser and inclusion worker for the Latin American community in the Indoamerican Refugee & Migrant Organisation for 5 years and have been photographing the Latin American communities in London since then. I collaborated with Latin Elephant researching and visually documenting the regeneration of Elephant and Castle area and its Latin American community and with the Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian women in London and Barcelona.

I am particularly interested in Portraiture, Peacebuilding, Constructive Journalism, Traditions and Culture, Migrations, Memories, Urban landscape, Human Rights, Latin America especially Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Recycling and experimenting new techniques are key to my work pushing the limit of photography using alternative-printing processes.


Shortlisted for Marylin Stafford Photoreportage Award 2017

Human Right Watch Photography 2014


Participatory Photography Masterclass, El Observatorio, Barcelona, January 2018

The nitty Gritty of Participatory Photography, ‘Right In Focus’ seminar, ABP Autograph, May 2018

Participation in Photography: Memory, Archives and Authorship, Urban Photo Fest, Goldsmith University, 2013

‘Community matters’, in conversation with Noni Stacy, Moose on the Loose Festival 2013 

Arts Awards with Young people and participatory photography, A New Direction, 2013

Fotosynthesis participatory practice, Positive View Foundation, Art 13 Fair, 2013

Documentary Photography Review Podcast, May 2013

‘The hidden wall’, Saharawis festival , Rich Mix, London, 2007



Participatory photography workshop with Antonio Amador with local communities responding to ‘Siembra de la vida’ exhibition, Centro Civico Barceloneta, Barcelona, ICIP, April 2018

Photography, Film-making and Archives workshops part of Beyond Documentary: Camera Obscura, digital and experimental photography, Museum of London, 2017-2018

Literacy and Numeracy Through Photography in 32 primary schools clases, Lambeth, 2014-2018

Participatory Photography for Peacebuidling, Build Peace Conference, Bogota, Colombia, Dec 2017

Lumen and Photograms workshop, Sion Manning Grammar School for Girls, 2017

Digital Photography, London Transport Museum, Designology, 2016

Cyanotype workshop, PhotoImagen RD, Centro de Imagen, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2014

Digital Photography Residential for Young Refugees, RefugeeYouth, Yorkshire, UK, 2014

Pinhole workshop, Festival of Love, Southbank centre, 2014

Cyanotype workshop, Family Learning, Oval Cluster, 2014

Pinhole workshop, Kingswood Primary Saturday School, 2014

Digital Photography, Photovoice bursaries, 2013

Photogram and cyanotype workshop, Abbey manor College, 2013

Sensory Photography, Refuge In Films , British Film Institute, 2013

Cyanotype Family Project, Intergenerational Project, Hackney City Farm, 2013

Cyanotype workshops, Summer Program, Creative Sparkworks & Lambeth Council, 2012-2013

Cyanotype workshop, Intergenerational Project in Greenwich, 2011-2013

Liquid Light Printing, Fotosynthesis, 2012

Sensory Pop Up Studio Mexfest, Rich Mix, 2012

Camera Obscura, Fotosynthesis with Eva Sajovic, Studio at the Elephant, 2012

Sensory Photography Lead Facilitator, Photovoice and OBAC, 2009-2010



Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian women, Conciliation Resources, June & September 2016, London / Septembre & Novembre 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Colectiva de Mujeres Colombianas Exiliadas, Refugiadas y Migradas of Spain, ICIP, Octobre 2017

‘Sin Fronteras’ Young Latin American Project, Latin American’s Women’s Rights Services, 2016

‘Change Makers’ and ‘Festival of Us, Southbank Centre , London, 2015

Self-portraits and identity with young people, Treasure House, London, 2016

‘Makers’ Project products, Creative Sparkworks, 2014

The Children’s society 100 portraits of Intergenerational Project in Greenwich, 2011-2013

Summer Party , Jesuit Refugee Services UK, 2014-2015

St Guy’s St Thomas Hospital Away Day, 2013

L&Q, Ashmole Tenants Association, Ethereld Children Centre, 2012

Photo montage around migration, Identity and representation Refuge In Films 2008-2012