Been interviewed for the London College of Communication newspaper- SAVING LONDON’S LATIN QUARTER

"Elephant & Castle is home to the biggest Latin American community in London. This area became the main meeting point for Latin Americans from the early 1990s. During those years, the area, though very central, was neglected due to an ongoing economic crisis. The Latin Americans moved there because of the cheap rents and the affordable possibilities to set up businesses. Throughout time, the community has grown biggerand stronger. In fact, according to the charity Latin Elephant, the Latin American community in Southwark now consists of 8.9 per cent of the population in the borough."

Launch of Colombian UK Lawyer Caravana 2016


What does this mean for justice for the millions of victims and survivors of the 50 year-old civil war? 
What can UK lawyers do?  Would you like to join this year’s delegation to Colombia?

The Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group is a group of international lawyers that monitor the human rights abuses faced by legal professionals in Colombia. There are preparing a new mission for this August 2016 and they need your support. Donations, knowledge in human rights law, peace process, journalism, communication, interpreters and more.

Members of the group first visited Colombia in 2008 at the invitation of the Association of Defence Lawyers “Eduardo Umaña Mendoza” (Asociación colombiana de abogados defensores “Eduardo Umaña Mendoza”, ACADEUM) which is an umbrella organisation for Colombian human rights lawyers. ACADEUM had issued a call for an international delegation of jurists – the International Caravana of Lawyers (Caravana) – to visit several regions of the country to meet lawyers and to receive testimony from human rights defenders at risk. 51 lawyers and legal professionals from Europe, Canada and Latin America joined the mission and their report No Justice Without Lawyers, can be viewed on the Delegations page

After the first International Caravana of Lawyers mission, a number of the delegates returned to the UK and established the Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group. The organisation was incorporated as a company in 2010 and achieved charity status in 2011.

See the reports :

“Africa’s Last Colony” exhibition

Featured in the Wall Street  International Newspaper for the Hundred Years Gallery, Oct 15th to 28th

Sandblast is excited to have received support from Arts Council England to mark 40 years of conflict in Western Sahara with a series of collaborative events  at two vibrant London venues, Bolivar Hall (Venezuelan embassy) and Hundred Years Gallery.

Through photography, film, music and much more, Africa’s Last Colony aims to remember the most important events that have shaped the independence struggle of the Saharawi people of Western Sahara, as well as to showcase the valuable role of UK-based artists and activists in raising awareness of this underreported issue.

General Gallery and Cafe Hours: Wed-Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat, 4-11pm; Sun, 12-7pm.

Africa's Last Colony @ Hundred Years Gallery.png

All events free (invitation needed for Private View on Oct 15th)

*UK Photographers in exhibition on Western Sahara:  Matt Aslett, Emma Brown, Andy Coules, Steve Franck, Vanessa Galbraith, Alan Gignoux, Carolina Graterol, Robert Griffin, Ingrid Guyon, Ed Harriman, Nilu Izadi, Tomasz Laczny, Olivia Mann, Ali Meziane, Danielle Smith, Simon Thorpe, Quintina Valero. Saharawi artists: photography by Omar Dih, Najla Mohamed, Hajtna Did; calligraphy by Mohamed Suleiman, drawings by Saharawi children courtesy of Enfants Refugés du Monde.

9 photographers share the things they wished they had known at the start of their photographic career

Great website run by photographer Chris King:

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Latin Quarter documentary at the Tate Modern, 5th October

A short film exploring the significance of the Latin American community in the Elephant and Castle will be shown at the Tate Modern on 5th October 2015 :

This documentary has been made with Latin Elephant, Silvia Juliana Rothlisberger and some of my footage too!

Oscar , Colombian baker from La Calenita bakery, Eagles Yard, Arch 143, Elephant and Castle-©ingridguyon2015

Oscar , Colombian baker from La Calenita bakery, Eagles Yard, Arch 143, Elephant and Castle-©ingridguyon2015

Elephant and Castle is going through the biggest regeneration in Europe and the local business who have been made what Elephant and Castle is nowadays since the 1990's are facing danger of relocation and explosion of the community cohesion.

Check Latin Elephant's work to support the Latin American Inclusion in the regeneration process. 

Migrant Workers in Dominican Republic, Most of Them Haitian, Face Deportation

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are facing deportation from the Dominican Republic, the latest in a series of actions by the government that has cast a light on the long-troubled relationship with its Haitian neighbours. Read more here:

Update (in Spanish ) of UNICEF education campaign in the Dominican Republic

Contruye su Future raised 400 000 euros with Orange's campaign of recycling phones allowing to work with 120 000 children form primary schools, 100 000 children aged 0-5, 4000 teachers, 400 directors of education centres and 200 parents associations

I Am A Migrant And Proud To Be A Migrant

#MigrantsContribute is a grassroots campaign led by a coalition of 67 migrant-led organisations. It aims to demonstrate the positive contribution that migrant communities make to British life and to counteract the negative stereotyping of migrant communities that is frequently seen in public debates.

"I am a citizen of the world. I am a migrant and proud to be a migrant. I live with migrants and work with migrants. If you look at history, we are all migrants. Why do we need to be labelled and judged depending on where we are from or even what we do?"

"We all contribute to British society by paying taxes, working, volunteering, and by bringing knowledge, skills and culture. What would London look like without migrant communities? Can you picture it? I can’t."

Read my story in Migrant Voices!:

Migrant Contribute: Latin Elephant

Join us on 28 March 2015 at Elephant and Castle shopping centre to celebrate the contribution that Latin Americans make to British Society Latin Elephant

#MigrantsContribute provides a platform for migrants from all generations and walks of life to speak out about our real lives and stories.

London’s Latin Quarter is Here!

Our Latin Quarter Workshop on 19 November gathered Latin American retailers and organisations from Elephant and Castle with representatives from Southwark Council, Delancey and Lend Lease to discuss ideas about how Elephant and Castle can continue to be a Latin quarter after the regeneration process.

Bola 8 and Distriandina business owner discussing the future of Elephant and Castle

Using as starting point the fact that Elephant and Castle already is a Latin Quarter, the workshop explored ideas so that the Latin Quarter is not lost as a result of the regeneration process and transcend from the Latin American community to attract tourists and British customers.

For more information:

Have you ever admired anyone and wished to meet them?

Have you ever admired anyone and wished to meet them?

From my childhood and as a photographer now, I have been inspired by Steve Mac Curry images which capture beautifully human's souls and spirits. What an honour to have met Steve Mac Curry for the second time and receive the printed copy of the portrait he took of me a while back,  signed by him + a copy of the book. 

©Thierry Bal/People & Places/Futurecity Southbank Tower Proejct

©Thierry Bal/People & Places/Futurecity Southbank Tower Proejct

Steve McCurry was commissioned to document the creative people and places of London’s South Bank area and I was part of them.

People & Places Steve Mac Curry and Magnum exhibition is open to the public at the Southbank Tower until 27th Septembre 2014. 

People & Places Steve Mac Curry and Magnum exhibition is open to the public at the Southbank Tower until 27th Septembre 2014. 

Exhibition of " Echos de Uvero Alto" in the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, part of Photoimagen RD Biennale , " Mareas y Resaca" Group show.

As Roland Barthes said in Camera Lucida, : "The photograph does not necessarily say what is no longer, but only and for certain what has been" (85). 

In 2001, I crossed the Atlantic ocean for the first time to discover the Caribbean. Left the West for the East. From the waves of time Uvero Alto and smiles of the Dominican people have inspired me to document every moment moment until today. I have traveled and lived in the batey of Uvero Alto, which does longer exists except in the memories of its inhabitants and in the captured images.  

Uvero Alto Beach- ©IngridGuyon- Hand printed using acrylic lift.

 "I have No where to go" resonated in the empty village after the 30th March 2007. Uvero Alto disappeared from the map as a village but appeared on the tourist map.

Walking along the seashore with children playing beside me ,picking up shells as a souvenir to bring to Europe. Shells, the symbol of the sea, carry sounds, silence and memories. They carry the stories of a people.

Inspired by the archive of my grand father form 1935, I have developed an interest for processes and reproduction in alternative image printing and processes  beyond digital. Losing and rediscovering pictures is part of my practice.My files of Uvero Alto have been destroyed , lost and recreated in parts , like the families who used to live in this quiet beach. Digging through hundreds of pictures of the daily life of the people through contact sheets, scanned photos, scanned digital photos, original negatives or digital files.

Hand printed using acrylic lift.©Ingridguyon

Hand printed using acrylic lift.©Ingridguyon

I decided to print those photos in the objects found in the Alto Uvero such shells, stones and sand, to connect the past with the present, the West co the East, to revive the immortals to those moments, to celebrate forgotten people. 

According to (AGFE 2005) Impacts of tourism, although positive coastal rural communities in the Dominican Republic, leave serious threat in the coastal zone due to privatization and the closure of the main access roads to the beaches and sea journeys creating refugees and increasing tourism.