These images are a tribute to the dedication and commitment of the Latin American dance groups in London who work hard to keep and promote their cultural heritage.  This ongoing archive project utilizes colour portraiture and explores new visual relationships between vibrant cultural traditions that have migrated and London urban landscapes.
Grupo Renacer-21.jpg
" El Sanjuanero"- Talentos Group
Sanjuanero, Talentos Group from Colombia
Bambuco Dance- Talentos group
Marinera Norteña - Peru
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Huaylas dance - Peru
Sanjuanito Dance - Ecuador
Suajuanito dance - Ecuador
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Grupo Renacer-91.jpg
IMG_1973 copy.jpg
Grupo Renacer-98.jpg
Valicha Dance - Peru
Expresion Inka
San Juanito (Ecuador)- Grupo Raices Tungurahua
Suanjuanero - Colombia - Talentos Group
Tinkus dance - Bolivia
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Grupo Renacer-77.jpg
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