Occupation or the Rule Of Law
  “Wall of Shame,”   approximately 2,700 km-long   it divides the 190,000 Sahrawi refugees in Algeria from their families and friends in the Moroccan held territory, but also because it threatens the lives and livelihoods of the thousands of Sahrawi nomads that still wander through the Western Sahara’s deserts.
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 In 2007, I travelled 5000 miles around the wall from Marrakech to Tindouf through Mauritania and Tifariti, Western Sahara as a way to show solidarity to the Sarahawis living in the Occupied zone of Western Sahara, who have to travel all around the wall illegally to visit or join their families. And to understand what they have to live everyday.
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Campaign posters
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Tifariti, Free Zone.
El Ayoun Refugee Camps, Tindouf, Algeria
Sahara Marathon
 Each camp is sub-divided into 6 or 7 villages (daira), each village into 4 quarters. The organization of the camps, is almost entirely in the hands of the women. The majority of the men do not live in the camps, they are in the army.
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 Since 1979, the Polisario Front has been recognized by the United Nations as the representative of the people of Western Sahara.  Algerian authorities have estimated the number of Sahrawi refugees in Algeria to be 165,000.
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 The men, women and children of Western Sahara live here for nearly 20 years in one of the most inhospitable regions of the world. When they came to these regions, where the summer temperature rises to more than 50 degrees in the shade and in winter it is freezing cold, they did not find anything else than sand. It is solely thanks to the solid organization structure and the large feeling of solidarity, characteristic of these people, that they were able to build an organized society in this desert.
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